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Electric Hot Water Heater Faucet Kitchen And Bathroom Heating Dispenser Tap Digital Temperature With Display

Electric Hot Water Heater Faucet Kitchen And Bathroom Heating Dispenser Tap Digital Temperature With Display

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  • Swift Heating Powerhouse: Unleash the prowess of a 3000-watt heating marvel that warms up in just 5 seconds, ensuring your hands stay comfortably warm during dishwashing, laundry sessions, and your morning rituals.

  • Adaptable Dual-Use Design: This electric faucet seamlessly fits into both your kitchen and bathroom setups, providing a versatile solution for all your daily hot water needs.

  • Efficient Copper Liner Technology: Embrace efficiency with a high-purity copper liner heating element that guarantees rapid and consistent water heating, offering you a continuous supply of comforting warmth.

  • Precision Temperature Mastery: Take control with an LCD screen display featuring an intimate temperature display function, allowing you to tailor water temperature changes with finesse for a safer and more customized experience.

  • Flow and Temperature Harmony: Witness the perfect synchronization between temperature and flow rate – as the water temperature rises, enjoy a heightened flow, striking a flawless balance between warmth and efficiency.

  • Safety Embedded: Equipped with safety features, this water heater prioritizes your well-being by preventing scalding incidents. Follow the provided instructions diligently for a secure installation and operation.

  • Real-Time Monitoring Convenience: Stay in the know with an easy-to-read LCD screen, providing real-time temperature updates that add an extra layer of safety and convenience to your daily routine.

  • Multi-Tasking Masterpiece: Beyond the basics, this electric tap transforms mundane tasks like face washing and teeth brushing into indulgent experiences with the luxury of warm water.

  • Voltage Assurance: Rated at 220V/50HZ, this electric faucet ensures compatibility and consistent performance, adapting seamlessly to your household electrical setup.

  • Installation Wisdom: Exercise caution upon receiving your water heater; refrain from testing it in your hands. Instead, follow the provided instructions meticulously to guarantee a proper and safe installation before putting it to the test. Elevate your daily routine with the warmth and efficiency of our Quick Electric Hot Water Tap!

  • Durable ABS Engineering Plastics:

    • Crafted from high-temperature resistant ABS engineering plastics for a soft yet robust structure, ensuring high shape stability and resistance to bursting.
    • UV radiation resistant, providing durability against aging and ensuring a long-lasting product life.
  • Water Information:

    • Operates under 0.1MPa water pressure.
    • Maximum flow of hot water: 2.4L/min; maximum flow of cold water: 3L/min.
    • Note: Large water flow may not be maintained under all conditions.
  • Fast & Efficient (3000W):

    • Swift 3-second heating for instant hot water.
    • Real water separation with highly sensitive built-in leakage protection and anti-dry design for safety.
    • High-pressure design for secure use in household water, dishwashing, bathing, and more.
  • Cute Shape Design:

    • Appealing design with beautiful colors, perfect for home kitchens.
    • Kid-friendly design encourages children to engage in washing hands and food.
  • Handy Flexible Sprayer:

    • 6" long sprayer with a 360° range of motion for convenient use.
    • Easily adjustable tap for controlling water flow.
  • Quick Electric Hot Water Tap:

    • Heating tube with a high-purity copper liner element.
    • Rated voltage: 220V/50HZ; Rated Power: 3000W.
    • Real-time temperature display for user convenience.
  • Safe Installation Instructions:

    • Tap should be installed by a professional.
    • When connecting the tap to the water pipe, avoid excessive power usage to prevent damage.
    • Strictly avoid installing the tap upside down.
  • Dual-Use Faucet:

    • Supports dual-use functionality, providing both heated and cold water.
    • Temperature decreases as water flow increases, ensuring flexibility in use.

Material: Plastic, Microfibre & Steel Color: White Weight: 500

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